June 3rd, 2005 + 12:06 AM  ·  warthog

I think this song has great potential. It was pretty much my test song - the first one that i did using sonar 3 (or any multitrack recording program for that matter). I spent a lot of time getting it to where it is, but it still isn't finished. the vocal track only completes one verse. lead guitar is a tad too loud. I used too much distortion in those days anyway. The drums on this one are also loops because, again, no drummer. still, I had a blast recording and producing this song.


June 3rd, 2005 + 12:06 AM  ·  warthog

the drums are loops. this was just self indulgent on my part. Hopefully a version with real drums and some vocals will be possible in the near future, but this can give you the general idea. (Do not be afraid of the squirrly moaning in the beginning - it had been a long day and there happened to be a live mic at the computer - it happens)

Trucker Song

May 30th, 2005 + 1:05 AM  ·  warthog

this is the opening theme to a video project on antique tractor trailers. I used Sonar 3. is it twangy enough?
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